Getting Started

Getting Started with Investing

Are you new to investing? We all are at one point. But don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as you imagine. There are definitely some things you need to learn, but that’s why you’re here, right? On this page, I tried to break the process down into the most logical order based on some of the valuable feedback I received. I want this page to be helpful no matter what stage in the process or level of investing experience you come in with. Eventually, I’ll try to make this into a more concise guide that you can download as a pdf and refer to in the future. For now, expect one post at a time.

Check out the posts below. (if they aren’t linked, that means they haven’t been written…yet!)

  1. Don’t think investing is important quite yet? Here’s my take on why to start now.
  2. Ready to invest? Here are some basics you should know.
  3. Deciding between an online brokerage account? There are pros and cons to consider.
  4. Having trouble finding investment ideas? Check this post out.
  5. Fully researching investment ideas? Understanding valuation, risk, and more!
  6. Trouble figuring out position size? Some things to keep in mind.
  7. Investments: When should you sell?

I hope that this helps out with some of the more common questions you might have. If you’d like to see some other topics, contact me here!