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Ever since the beginning of the article I want to say that this will not be a standard article. I will try to talk in this article about getting rich and money from a different perspective.

I am talking about getting rich from a psychological, motivational and educational perspective.

It is an article about the way we treat the desire to get rich an about how important money is for us. Many people say that money does not bring happiness, but in my opinion this is totally wrong and this is strictly my opinion.

I want to start by shutting down the myth according to which “We cannot be all rich, someone has to be poor and work hard.”

First of all, we can all be rich. Why w cannot be all rich? Why are you thinking that you do not want to become rich? You will become rich if you believe you will be rich.

Everything we think and everything we want can be real. If you want to be rich, first of all you have to believe that you want to be rich.

Second of all, why do you think only poor people are working? Rich people work even more, or better said, more efficiently. Rich people work in the right place and at the right time.

Hereafter, I will tell you some ideas about how you can become rich, ideas got from the book “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace D. Wattles, which, by the way, I recommend you to read it if you like this article.

It is cheap and the investment you make, if you buy it, can return tenfold.

To be rich does not mean to steal from someone or to be a good negotiator. It does not mean to compete with someone and to try to be better than that someone.

“Wealth is the moment you become a creator, not a competitor.”

Never look around you, saying afterwards that it is impossible to get rich.

Ideas like “There are too many rich people, it is impossible for me to be one of them” must disappear. It is not a positive or a constructive idea.

The road to becoming rich

Hereafter, I will show you some activities you should do on a day to day basis or on which you should meditate occasionally in order to get rich. They are not actual steps, yet ways we are thinking about things and ways in which we act each day.

Invisible things

In order to get rich, you must always look at invisible things, meaning things that have not appeared so far.

We are living in a world where technology is always changing. It always evolves.

There will always be people who will make something that does not exist, something invisible. They will make an invisible thing become visible, they will be successful and they will get rich.

Being rich is not a bad thing. There is a spirit among us that makes us look with evil eyes at rich people. I, for one, admire them.

This quote always inspires me when I hear about the success of a rich person:

“Rich people admire other rich, successful people. Poor people do not like rich, successful people.” T.Harv Eker

Being rich is an extra power to help the world. With the help of money, you can change the world and you can help it evolve.


Desire is the most important thing leading you to getting rich. The more you want, the more you thing in that direction, the more your forces, as well as nature’s forces, will act to implement your desire.

If you want and think small, small you are going to get. But if you want and think really big, you will act in that direction and you will get there.

A very good quote of T.Harv Eker about rich people and poor people is the following: “Rich people think big. Poor people think small.”

Always think of something big. Desire will help you fulfil your dream.


I am not referring here to prayers.

I am referring to the acknowledgement we have towards our peers, be grateful to those around us.

By acknowledgement I am also referring to divinity. Your acknowledgement towards divinity and towards yourself for doing what you are doing.

Acknowledgement is good for your vision, for your desire of getting rich. Is helps if you are stronger and if you believe harder in your purpose of being rich.


Thinking leads to the impact of the will. If you think about poverty, about the days with no money from the past, about the way poor people live, you will end up thinking like poor people.

If you are thinking that you will have money in the future and you will buy x, y, z, you will end up thinking like a millionaire.

Wealth depends on will. Will depends on the way you are thinking about it.

Act now!

If you want to get rich, do not postpone it for the future. Act now, analyse the environment you work in and see if it is the right environment.

If it’s not, change it. Move in the right environment which will help you get rich.

Not yesterday, not tomorrow. Today is the right time.

Act efficiently

If you do things and if you work, at least work efficiently. Inefficiency holds you back.

Each inefficient thing holds you back.

There is a law that says “If you do not do things inefficiently and you do enough efficient things, you will get rich.”

Observe this law in everything you do from now on and never deflect from it. If you feel something is not right, change your style and your work environment.


Evolution, or, better said, the desire to always evolve, is very important when it comes to getting rich.

We all want more from life, due to our desire to evolve.

Always live with the desire to evolve. Always want more money, keep the feeling that you will get rich and do everything you can to stay on that path.

Never brag yourself with your success, because you will be eaten by fears and doubts. “Whenever you meet a show off, be sure that inside him he is eaten by fears and doubts.”

If you believe and inspire evolution to those around you, they will also want evolution.


It is quite complicated and it needs a lot of work to get rich. Getting rich depends not only on your professional knowledge, it also depends on behaviour.

Here are 3 things you should remember from this article:

  1. Getting rich is possible only if you want to know more, to do more and to be more. The more you give from your part, without entering into conflicts with others, the more you will get rich and you will end up changing society.
  2. The moment you become a creator, you will start getting rich.
  3. Evolution. Want more from yourself every day. Act now and efficiently. Inefficiency will hold you back.

I, for one, believe in these laws and I think about them every day. I am convinced that only I am responsible to fulfil my dreams and my desire is bigger than ever to get there.

I recommend you to read this article twice, buy the book and start implementing your dreams. Your desire will get you where you dream.

In the end, I want to invite you to comment based on this article. Tell me your opinion on the way we can get rich.

How do you see the difference between a poor person and a rich person? What does the rich person do compared to a poor person?